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Madrid Films & Entertainment, LLC

Madrid Films & Entertainment, LLC is a full service production company dedicated to producing ground breaking documentaries, epic shorts, and unique independent feature films. As a cutting edge entertainment company Madrid Films & Entertainment, LLC has a firm hand on the pulse of popular cultures, classic, counter, urban, youth, and world. Focusing on films that highlight various social and cultural issues, working with innovative minds, and engaging material; Madrid Films & Entertainment, LLC is an important voice for independent artisans that reach beyond the traditional boundaries of culture.



Madrid Films & Entertainment, LLC is not limited to the digitization of film and sound mediums. Film has taken less than a century to grow into one of the most potent meduims for self expression. This young art form combines technology and human imagination to create a formidable culture force Madrid Films & Entertainment, LLC is proud to produce



As a social media leader with experienced staff and related professional personnel in advertising, marketing, promotions, and public relations, Madrd Films & Entertainment, LLC has what it takes to elevate your brand. Our clients are redefining what's possible with technologies that change the way we work, play, shop, and share as we create breakthrough marketing programs that engage sophisticated audiences.



Madrid Films & Entertainment, LLC encompass developing, managing and leveraging all facets in the marketing, promotion, production, strategic planning and sponsorship sales of special events that bring people together, inspire them, and stimulate their minds. Producing events has helped us acheive the widespread support among corporate sponsors, print and broadcast media, and millions of consumers worldwide.

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